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a brand new name: jade's artjournal ~ ♫

→ my world in 100x100 (or more?) pixels ♪

Frosty Smurf
28 February
I'm Giada (or Jade). Italian. Time Lady. Proud Echelon and Believer ♥ I love drawing, graphic and photography. Out of the ordinary. I want to see the whole universe Earth with my TARDIS, even if I live on MARS.

Music; comics; art; 30 Seconds to Mars; the Echelon; Shan, my NIKON D60; Photoshop CS2; gifs; photographs/photography; imagination; my dreams; concerts; MarsTV; my iPod Jack and my Samsung's MP3 Ianto; the TARDIS; the Queen!femili ♥ and much more.


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