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[30 icons] consultive detectives & pilots & time lords.

This batch includes:
001-007 | Sherlock (Sherlock Holmes)
008-009 | Benedict Cumberbatch
010-018 | Torchwood
019-024 | Cabin Pressure quotes
025-026 | 30 Seconds to Mars
027-028 | Doctor Who (Tenth Doctor, Eleventh Doctor)
029-030 | Much Ado About Nothing


- Do not hotlinking. Save the icons on your computer and re-upload them, please.
- You don't have to leave a comment, but it's a pleasure to me read your feedback!
- If you enjoy my icons, feel free to friend me!
- Check out the resources post! ;)
- Credit me if you use my icons, please! This is an example of how to credit @ LJ:

Enjoy my icons!

PS: Thanks to cabin_pressure's users for the transcripts of Cabin Pressure!
Tags: !type: icons, actors: benedict cumberbatch, actors: burn gorman, actors: david tennant, actors: gareth david-lloyd, actors: john barrowman, actors: matt smith, actresses: catherine tate, actresses: eve myles, actresses: naoko mori, music: 30 seconds to mars, music: shannon leto (30stm), radio: cabin pressure, tv: doctor who, tv: sherlock, tv: torchwood
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